Piano Restoration

We are able to fully restore your piano at our workshop premises in Cardiff. We are pleased to offer comprehensive professional advice regarding all aspects of piano restoration, we work on uprights up to your 9’ concert grand pianos.



Generally the condition of the casework has little effect on the sound and playing performance of your instrument, however many of us want our pride and joy to look as good as it sounds. We are pleased to offer both traditional and modern refinishing facilities at our workshops.


French Polishing

French Polishing is the traditional method used for finishing a piano. The many layers of Shellac Polish are painstakingly built up by the application of a “rubber”. The result is a gentle clear gloss as specified by the original piano manufacturer. Although French Polishing can be expensive it is considered by many to be the only authentic finish.


Cellulose Lacquer

First used by the Aeolian Piano Company in the 1930’s to finish the Steck and Weber pianos, this material applied by spray gun was faster and easier to use whilst giving a tougher finish which closely resembled French Polish. We continue to offer this quality finish which is used to give us “solid” colours as well as clear Cellulose Lacquer finishes in Gloss, Satin and Matt.


Polyester Lacquer

Commonly used today to achieve the mirror like Gloss finish so popular on today’s new pianos. We offer small repairs on this finish, however specialised equipment is required to achieve a fine quality finsh on larger repairs and complete refinishing, so we send these to specialists who can meet the required standard of work whilst you have the comfort of knowing that we will be checking the quality of all work completed on your piano.


For more detailed restoration enquiries please contact us on
(029) 20 390 060.

Our Services

We offer a range of technical services to help you look after you piano, and keep it in the best possible condition.