Allow us to offer some advice that may be useful when buying your first, second or twenty second piano.

Why are you buying a piano?

This is important; there are many different reasons for making this investment. Ask yourself who will be playing the piano? How accomplished the pianist or pianists are? How often will the piano be played? Will my children or I be learning? Pianos are as individual as people, each is suited to different people, some are suited to the young or mature beginner, the fun player or the professional pianist. Tell us what you want from your piano and we will certainly do our utmost to find just the right piano for you, if you do not know what you want, we will do our best to help you find out.


What will the piano sound like?

Acoustic pianos have an individual character, tone and touch. They are made by highly skilled craftsmen from natural materials. Each instrument is made from over 5,000 parts. They are reliable and, if looked after, will last a lifetime. Pianos will enable you to gain the maximum ’expression’. Pianos are unique and you need to ensure that the piano you try is the piano you buy. Do not think it is all right to have a piano delivered direct from the warehouse – it is not! It is important to try and approve any piano before it is delivered.


What will the piano look like?

The appearance of the piano is also important, you will have it a long time and you need to be happy with its look. Your piano will soon become a major feature within your home. We all know that pianos can be either uprights or grand, but they come in many sizes and different styles from traditional to modern to designer, there are many finishes available from a pale Alder matt to a Mahogany satin to a black high polished. Just ask for the look you are going for.


Enjoy playing the piano before you buy

When choosing a piano, do not rush the process. Sit down at many pianos and try them. If you play, then bring in some music or use some of ours from our music department. Experience the difference in feel and sound quality of each of the different pianos. No two pianos are the same, not even the if they are the same model, you may be surprised by the difference.


Is there any help available to help you choose?

We of course are very pleased to offer any help and advice that we can to make choosing your piano as pleasant an experience as possible, however you may already have a piano at home and therefore know a piano tuner that you trust and rely on, or perhaps your music teacher would help. Please feel free to bring any expert in to help you choose the right piano.


Buying locally

We always recommend that when buying a piano you try and buy from a local dealer. Your piano will represent a considerable investment and it is wise to buy from a reputable dealer with full technical abilities to put right any faults that may occur. As a family firm we are strongly committed to looking after our customers as best as we are able. We have the appropriate staff to deal with any problems you may have. We have full restoration facilities and we are therefore confident of being able to look after your piano for many years to come.


How much should I expect to pay?

Pianos are available to suit most budgets, used pianos are usually available from approximately £799.00 and quality new pianos are available from as little as £2100.00. Pianos are manufactured to suit all pockets, tastes and purposes. Decide how much you are able to spend and ask which piano is right for you and your budget.


What can I expect when I buy?

Before delivery every piano is fully prepared by our technicians, then it is delivered free of charge by our own shifting team, in our specially designed piano transport. Normally the piano will have a 12 months guarantee on our used pianos and 5 or 10 years on new pianos. This guarantee usually covers all materials and labour. You may experience some tuning instability when the piano is moved, this is normal as the piano will need to get accustomed to its new home, this is the reason for the traditional first free tuning carried out about 3 – 4 weeks after delivery. If you have a piano at home at the moment we can also remove it for you, either for part exchange or if necessary for disposal. Our delivery team will advise as to the best location for your new instrument, it is always wise to position your piano away from direct sunlight and away from any radiators or other heat sources. We are also at the end of the telephone if you have any problems or concerns.

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Our Services

We offer a range of technical services to help you look after you piano, and keep it in the best possible condition.